The Mapa Nemacke refers to the mapping and publishing maps of Germany. MAPA is a Hebrew word which means a MAP- mapping and publishing. MAPA is an Israeli cartographic and book publishing company. Founded in the year of 1985 under Sifrei Tel-Aviv, MAPA went into the cartography field in the year of 1994. It then moved totally into this field and becoming the market leader in map making in 1995. It now has an overall control of 80% over the market checked in year 2005. MAPA with a workforce of approximately 70 employees is expanding horizons from the year of 1996 and now has written books in every single field. Recently in 2007, GPS Company Ituran has purchased MAPA for US $13 million. Nemacka refers to Germany, which is one of the world's leading industrialized countries located at central Europe.

Mapa Nemacke

The map of Mapa Nemacke includes the old west and East German division and different provinces of Germany. It is recommended for the travel resources for finding hotels, cars, and flight to Germany. Maps are helpful for school projects and to choose your spots for holiday. A Polymap is a desktop mapping application program which offers you to use your own data to customize the maps attached with the programs. One can use the build-in- spreadsheets to enter data or paste the applications from other apps. One Mapa Nemacke software is available in the market. Its name is ZA 6220, an automatic mapping system used to map any area whatever required. It is very portable and can be applied in every system, without much recommendation. Maps of Germany have been shown in different years before and after division during the year of 1919 and 1942. after the devastating defeat in world war II, Germany divided into four sectors, mainly controlled by British, US, French, Soviet forces. So the map for Germany was changed. That was also done by this MAPA. Germany is divided into sixteen states and these states are grouped into six parts, central, eastern, western, northern and southern, Germany presently. All maps are marked as copyrights under of 2004 other than E A Deane Holdings Ltd.

Mapa Nemacke can be used also as a travel guide. From Holy Roman Empire to Imperial Germany, from Hitler to Nazi Germany, every place is pointed out very well in these Maps, so if you are new and is looking for that spot, we would be able to locate that place very easily. The official website for Germany and tourism agencies uses these maps.

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